Special considerations need to be made when dealing with elderly members and loved ones. At de Voil Legal we visit many of our elderly clients in their homes or aged care facilities.   We make it as easy and as stress free as possible for our clients and their families.

Speak to us, obligation free, about your circumstances and we can offer valuable

​feedback and information. We will meet with you, obligation free, to discuss your circumstances and we will advise you as to whether you are eligible to make a claim and your likely success. 

Elder Law

Powers of Attorney

Plan your future through the appointment of a person or persons to make decisions on your behalf. We can help you by guiding you in this process, drafting the necessary documents and attending to execution.

Testamentary Trusts are trusts created within a Will that only come into effect upon the death of the Willmaker.  Assets under a Will that incorporate a Testamentary Trust pass to the trustee who holds the assets on behalf of the beneficiary/s.  Testamentary Trusts provide significant asset protection and tax advantages.

One of the most important things you can do for your family and loved ones is to have a Will.  At de Voil Legal we provide you with the assistance and advice you need from simple Wills to more complex matters involving Testamentary Trusts, self-managed super funds and family trusts.

​​​​​Testamentary Trusts

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Estate Disputes

Deceased Estates

We will work with you to obtain probate and administer the estate including dealing with selling or transferring assets including real estate, closing bank accounts, dealing with super funds and insurers, communicating with beneficiaries, managing investments for minors and more.